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We are a Portuguese company with a recognised role in the metal equipment manufacturing and repair sector, where we have been operating since the second decade of the last century. It is based on an enormous technological capacity for the development of projects of proven and robust equipments and a perfect adaptation to their intended purpose.

Our core business is the design, manufacture and assembly of implements in welded construction for the sectors of civil construction and public works, extractive industry, wood handling, soil mobilization and cargo handling (industrial machinery), agriculture, forestry, road material and environment.

We produce our own designs or in partnership with large national and international companies.

01. Vision

J.J.M. Esperança Lda assumes the commitment of Improving Customer and Employee Satisfaction and establishing sustained relationships with all its surroundings, with the aim of asserting itself by technological capacity, vanguardism and social responsibility distinguishing itself from other competitors, and leading each customer and society in general, for their satisfaction, recommend our products and services.

02. Values

In this sense, assume:

  • The constant concern to identify and meet the requirements and expectations, current and future, of customers, in a perfect win-win relationship;
  • Promoting an integrating vision of customers, employees and suppliers in the structure of the Management System and ensuring scrupulous compliance with contractual requirements;
  • Promote the development of people in the organization through the improvement of awareness levels, training and competence of employees;
  • Promote the participation of all employees and those who work on behalf of the company, in the assumed objectives, through training and awareness, promotion of teamwork and improvement of internal communication;
  • Promote the participation of all employees and all those who work on behalf of the company, in the assumed objectives, through training and awareness, promotion of teamwork and improvement of internal communication;
  • Developing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers;
  • Developing internal customer/supplier relations as a form of continuous improvement;
  • Gradual and continuous reduction of failure costs;
  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements of the established System, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015;
  • Continuous improvement of process performance and the effectiveness of the Management System through the best use of available resources and technologies;
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to products, services and activities;
  • Continuous improvement of health, hygiene and safety conditions at work, identifying hazards, evaluating and controlling risks associated with the activities performed, preventing the occurrence of accidents and providing greater comfort in performing the work, through information and availability of means of protection in order to minimize exposure to risk factors that cannot be eliminated;
  • Continuous improvement of environmental performance through the identification and evaluation of environmental aspects associated with activities, products or services that the organization controls or can influence, with the objective of minimizing or eliminating the resulting environmental impacts, preventing pollution;
  • Seeking to obtain competitive advantages through projects that translate into significant increases in productivity;
  • To efficiently allocate resources to the various activities, from a value creation perspective, monitoring the economic and financial performance of each business unit, continuously improving the processes in order to gradually increase the productivity of production processes.

03. Quality

Quality at J.J.M. Esperança is understood as a vital tool to achieve the success and satisfaction of our Customers. In this way, the equipment we manufacture is subject to rigorous tests and trials before being placed on the market.

The company’s Quality Management System is certified by TUV, according to NP EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our Quality Policy is based on a set of aspects considered fundamental: sustained growth, a young and motivated team, good team leadership, innovative and high quality products, properly selected suppliers, healthy and safe working environment.

J.J.M. Esperança wants to maintain its reference position in the market. A sustained growth in a win-win logic is our main goal. In this way, we want to maintain and reinforce mutual trust with all players, predictability of action, seriousness and rectitude, both internally and externally of the company.

Offering our customers innovative and high-quality products, fast and efficient service are the basic guidelines for the execution of all daily work.

The management of the company is characterized by expressions such as youth, joy, optimism, aggressiveness and availability.

Management is committed to offering its employees a healthy and safe working environment. Physical and technological means and adequate training will be made available so that all employees feel enthusiastic about their tasks and responsibilities.

To our suppliers we guarantee ethics and transparency in business relations. We do, however, demand quality products and compliance with agreed deadlines and specifications.

The security of data and facilities, the physical and moral integrity of employees and the defense and protection of the environment is a commitment of all.

The Management leads the entire process of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the company’s activity, encouraging dynamics, enthusiasm, creativity and autonomy. The work of “team” is always given special emphasis.


From a small business, to one of the most renowned companies in its sector, with about 60 employees and an area of over 12000 square meters. As J.J.M. Esperança Lda has become one of the reference companies in the design and manufacture of equipment.


The company founder

The founder of the company, Mr. José Jorge Esperança, returns from France where he did his military service and set up a small workshop in the place of Lamarosa, municipality of Torres Novas, which is dedicated to the construction and assistance of agricultural utensils. As the years go by he begins to count on the help of his sons: José, João and Manuel.


Renamed company

Already with a larger dimension, he decides to set up a company with a new name, José Jorge Esperança & Filhos. At this stage and with the advent of agricultural tractors in Portugal, the manufacture of the first agricultural implements begins.


Founder’s withdrawal

With the founder’s withdrawal, the company’s name is now known, extending the product range to other sectors of activity. It is in this year that the manufacture of the first equipment for construction machinery and public works (industrial machinery) begins.


Move into new premises

Although Lamarosa’s facilities have increased over the years, they have become clearly insufficient, so it is decided, with the participation of the current management team, to acquire a 12,000 m2 space in the Tomar industrial area where it will be installed from January 2002.

Since then and with a significantly increased and improved production capacity, it has entered other sectors of activity starting, from 2005, to export at an ever increasing pace to several countries in the European Union and Africa.


ISO Certification

ISO 9001 Certification (2008).



SPR Esperanças currently has a technologically advanced machinery pool that enables almost all production tasks to be carried out to meet customers’ needs.

Services available:

Design – Solidworks, permanently updated 3D parametric design software that allows for the design of any type of equipment with extremely short setup times.

Thermal cutting – 2 high definition Plasma cutting systems (6000 x 3000 up to 20mm thick) and oxy pantograph (12000 x 2500 + 6000 x 2500 mm up to 300mm thick).

Machining – CNC and Conventional Lathes and Milling Machines

Conformation – Calandra and two Hydraulic Benders (one with numerical control)

Drilling – Radial, column and electromagnetic machines.

Welding – Mig-mag machines from 300 to 500 A.

Finishing – Stripping and Painting Booth


The third generation continues what was started in 1918, and since 1978 we have existed under the same legal name.

António Jorge Esperança


José Carlos Bucha


José Jorge Esperança